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Great Job

Great graphics and humor, hope there will be more.

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Great Job!

First of all thx a lot for using my music for your game, secound of all the game was actully fun and I hope you make a longer game next time. Keep it up!

-DJ ScOrPiOn

Mart-the-Tyrant responds:

I love techno music!

This Is Great

Realy nice flash game, keep it up.
Also anyone who got stuck in the elevator section, you have to write the code using your keyboard.
I was also wandering what is that music called in the begining of the game.

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Thats It?

I mean the beat was nice and all but no melody? You should really add some trancy melody in there and then it would sound great. What I would do is put the beats in the begining like for 30s and then start adding a good melody that goes with the beat.
Other then that its pretty good.
Also I don't see the point of Copyrighting the music since your basiclly sharing you music here.
But anyways keep up the good work!

Kilkila responds:

Thanks for the review! As for the copyrighting- I still claim the rights to the music, even though I'm putting it up here for you guys to listen to and download. I may not be charging, but I still want to be able to claim a song is mine! =) Anyways, melodies are coming, so check back for the final version!


Only one word can describe this music....


Sounds Good

It sounds very good, but its really easy to make.

apimusic responds:

Not sure quite how you figured out it was easy to make. But thanks for telling me it sounded good... This piece took me a couple of weeks.

Well wat can I say, I LOVE TRANCE. An thats why I became a DJ. Currently I'm working as a DJ in a club an its fun. I always enjoy hearing good reviews about me. Oh ye an to make it clear to every1 I dont steal music, I remix it cause its fun!


Remixing music

Who needs school when ure a DJ

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